Getting prepared for your new job

Getting a Job

Receiving a call or an email from a potential employer is invaluable excitement for a job seeker, not to mention if it is his/her first-time experience of applying for a job. It means that the Curriculum Vitae has passed the screening process, and there is some quality that has attracted the employer.

Whether you are a veteran or a novice in your profession, some things should not be overlooked when applying for a new job. Here they are:

The profile of your company

Sometimes a job applicant prefers random-shooting to all companies that have a vacant position. If you do this, you will undoubtedly increase the chance for you to get a call, but the downside is that you may lack the knowledge of your target company’s profile, especially the one that is very new to you. The situation may lead to poor performance during the interview stage and other required stages. And take into account also that some companies ask the applicants to do some tests that might be out of the customary, such as pre-employment agility testing or personality test. Do not take those tests lightly and be prepared seriously, otherwise you are only wasting your time.

Working Environment

Advancing the stages of a job application spends a considerable amount of time, so you would be better to pick the call from a company that attracts you the most and to do it with confidence. You should do your best not to fail because a failure can affect negatively to your morale.

Limit your applications to only five companies about which you know the profiles. Networking is also essential to keep you informed with the latest issue that is relevant to your target company’s interest. A company always prefers an employee that can keep up with their development.

Simulating a conversation

There is no ‘too much’ in preparing yourself for the upcoming job interview. And still strongly connected with the first section about how you should know the profile of your target company in advance, the second step would be for you to simulate possible conversation for the interview.

Take a piece of paper and start writing down the potential topics that may arise during the interview. Start from the lightest to the heaviest ones. The example of the light questions from your interviewer would be about your personal life. Make sure you can confidently recall your achievements and how you get them. Just focus on telling the ones that may be relevant to your profession, such as awards given by your previous company, or experience in voluntary activities.

It is better not to start a casual conversation unless the interviewer asks you. This attitude can imply that you know your place to be there professionally and to show that you manage to separate professional life from the personal one.

Don’t get overwhelmed on the D-Day

RelaxThe last important thing you should remember is that you should ease yourself a bit on the D-Day. All the physical and mental preparation should have been done several days before.

Putting too much pressure on the D-Day will increase the chance for you to get tensed and rigid. General language fluency is measured and evaluated in the interview, so it will not be good if the way you answer the asked questions do not flow smoothly. You should take a break and be confident.

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How To Choose a Backpack Leaf Blower


Trees in your compound will experience leaf fall at all times, and you will be required to clean the yard. Sweeping leaves can be tiresome because you will use a lot of time doing the work. Similarly, use of rakes and brooms will cause back pains in case you are sweeping leaves in a large park. However, with increased technology, you can now do this work easily without much worry because of the invention and manufacture of backpack leaf blowers.

Back pack leaf blowers are equipment that are used when cleaning yards by blowing leaves to a particular place before you can collect them using wheelbarrows. For handling heavy piles of leaves, has a list of all the best wheelbarrows to make such a task possible.

However, there are several types of backpack leaf blowers, and it is crucial that you choose the one that will benefit you significantly. In this article, we give some of the tips you will use to select the best backpack leaf blower.

Check the speed

When you are looking a backpack blower, you should consider getting a leaf blower with an infinite number ofleaves speeds. The speed settings will allow users to set power that will be in line with the job they are doing. Blowers with power dials do not allow for adjustment.Because of this, a blower with varying speed will be handier when compared to machines with constant speed.

 Check for comfort and balance

It is also crucial that you find  a backpack leaf blower that you can carry comfortably and be able to balance. A good blower should hang in a downward position and should be light to allow you carry it around the compound as you clean. A balanced backpack blower leaf blower will enable you to maneuver the air tube effortlessly.

 Research the brand

A backpack blower manufactured by a brand will give assurance that you bought a good blower. Brands are reputable companies that refuse to make products that are unworthy. Similarly, a blower from a brand will last longer because they are made of durable materials. On the other hand, avoid purchasing blowers from brands that do not offer warranty. A warranty will ensure you receive goods are that are of high quality.

Look for cordless blowers

If you intend to be using your backpack leaf blower on various places within the compound, you can consider purchasing cordless blowers. These blowers will allow you move to without carrying several cords. You can move to the rooftops and gutters easily when you own a cordless blower.  Blowers that are cordless are easier to operate as it is quieter and lighter. On the other hand, you can also opt for the gas backpack leaf blowers because they provide more attachment and power according to the model.

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5 Ways in Which a Body Pillow Will Change Your Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important things that we need to do on a daily basis to give our bodies the rest that they need. Sleep is, therefore, a necessity. If you don’t have the best sleep, then you are likely to wake up with either a stiff neck or a crushed arm. This is why you will need to have a body pillow so that you can sleep like a baby and wake up feeling satisfied. Having a Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow – The Best Pregnancy Pillow will change your sleep for better. Here is how.

Pressure Point Relief

When your mattress is too firm, you will easily aggravate your pressure points whenever you sleep. One of your sensitive pressure points is your hips. They should thus be well supported whenever you are sleeping. If they don’t, then you will feel some discomfort and pain when you are sleeping. Your body will, therefore, have to shift your sleeping position in order to respond to your sleeping position. The result? Improper spinal alignment. Having a body pillow will help to eliminate this problem. The full and elongated shape of the body pillow will help to keep your body fully aligned. This will provide relief to your pressure points.

Improves Alignment

Whenever you are sleeping on one side of your body, let’s say the left side, the weight of your upper torso will be pushing on your hips. This will lead to discomfort and pain. You will also have to twist hence putting more pressure on your back. A body pillow will ensure that your weight is evenly distributed when you are sleeping. You won’t, therefore, have to twist. This is a good thing especially for people with back problems.

Less tossing

When you are sleeping, you don’t want to have a full-on workout on the bed. If you keep o tossing and turning on your bed, it will feel like you are working out. This will prevent you from getting a comfortable sleep. However, if you sleep using a body pillow, you won’t have to turn. This is because you will have something supportive to hold on to.

Offers Hugging Benefits

Everybody loves getting hugged. This is because hugs offer us with instant comforting effect. Holding onto a body pillow while sleeping at night will offer you with this sensational feeling. This will allow your mind to stop racing. You will thus be able to focus your mind on the quiet that will be around you. Sleep will thus come to you very easily. What a sweet feeling.

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Things to know before buying a teddy bear dog

teddy bear dogs

The teddy bear dog is one of the most adopted dogs in the world. I the recent past the teddy bear dog breed has become popular with the internet users, and its demand has gone up! Most individuals get the dog without knowing about it and knowing if it is adaptable to their living conditions or not. The teddy bear puppy breeds are some of the most popular dog breeds. Below are some of the factors to consider before adopting the dog:


size of the dog

The name of the breed is quite misleading as the teddy bear dog is not as big that one can cuddle with. Rather the dog is small with the size ranging between eight to thirteen inches. Notably, despite their size, they are still cuddly and gentle, and one can quickly befriend them. They are also light in weight, and they weigh between eleven and twenty-one pound. Their small size makes them very attractive and adorable.


These breed of dogs need a lot of attention and love. They are dependent on the owner for their happiness. They like to cuddle most of the time. They also like a lot of attention that is they prefer all the attention to be on them. They usually get depressed if the attention is not on them. Unlike other dog breeds thy need a lot of love and attention.

They don’t play favorites

Cats have favorites. The teddy bear dog in retrospect does not need to have a preference they love anyone regardless of whether they are the original owners. This breed of dog loves overly and equally. The dog doesn’t discriminate on the owners. This dog treats visitor and family alike, which is exciting and fun to watch.


The teddy bear dogs love toys and like to play with them! Naturally, they prefer toys that are easy to chew. When the dogs are still very young, they tend to chew everything that they find along the way. To avoid destroying your furniture, you can always buy them soft toys and rubber bone. The toy should also be small enough to fit in their mouth to allow them to chew the whole day. This will prevent the dog from boredom and from damaging other items in the home. The best companions for these breed of dogs chew toys.



Despite their size, teddy bear dogs are very energetic. They are energetic as a big size dog. They, therefore, love to play and exercise. The play time and exercise is highly encouraged as this will ensure that they deplete their energy. The exercise and play time assists in managing the dog’s behavior and making the dog happy all through.

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Cordless drills – buying guide


The cordless drill is a power tool that is a favorite and a necessity in many tool boxes. This product is used to drive screws at great speeds to secure timber joints firmly and fasten structure on surfaces. It can be used to make a variety of projects in the home, whether it is making furniture, remodeling the backyard deck, installing fixtures, any project that requires screwing will need a cordless drill. It is considered portable and easy to use for it is not attached to a cord. At one can get more functions of the cordless drill. If one is planning to buy the product below is a guide.

Cordless drills

The power

One needs to consider the power they will need to work. The power of the cordless drill is measured in dndjkdkjddkjdskjbattery voltage. A high voltage means that the torque or the spinning strength is more. The higher the voltage, the better the drill is able to overcome resistance and drive screws, which makes it easier to work with. The battery voltage will range between 6V to 18V it all depends on what one is looking for.

Weight of the drill

The weight of the power drill is an important factor for one to consider, for it will affect how one will work and handle the drill. To note the weight of the drill will go hand in hand and in parallel with the voltage power. That is the more the voltage, the heavy the cordless drill will be. One needs to know the nature of work they intend to engage in to buy the tool that will have the equivalent weight and power that is needed.

Type of handle

The handle is another aspect that one needs to consider. The cordless drills that are in the market will either have two types of handle. This is either a T-handle or a pistol handle grip. The pistol grip is the most popular handle that is available on cordless drills, this is because one is able to use more force as they drill or screw and build structures. The T-handle is a new addition to the markets and prevents slippage of the hand and a better grip.

Speed of the drill

dfkjdkjsklsklsskksA cordless drill will either have a single speed or a two fixed speed. This can either be 300rpm and 800rpm. The speed will be used to do different jobs. High speed will be used to drill holes while low speed will be used to drive screws.

Finally, consider the battery of the cordless drill. Look for a drill that has a battery that will run longer. Purchase a set of two batteries which can be used as a replacement as one works.

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Why you should buy your scientific equipment online

The internet seems to have made life easier most people living under the sun. Apart from enhancing communication and interaction, it is made it simple and convenient for people to buy anything that they want. It is quite unfortunate that up to this era there are people who still do not see the benefits of shopping online. Be it scientific equipment or just anything that you want to buy; online is the best platform. Here are some of the benefits that you are likely to get if you buy your scientific pieces online.

Better prices

If you want to buy something and you are not very sure about the prices, then the best place to buy is online. Most online Headshop stores sell their products at prices that are a bit lower as compared to physical stores. One of the obvious reasons why online products sell at lower prices is the business people understand that most people who use the internet for products do so because they want to buy at a lower price. However, it is good to have a price comparison so that you will be able to identify the one with the most desirable prices.


Another good thing with buying your scientific pieces online is that the whole process is very convenient. You do not have to prepare in the name of going to the market or shop to get whatever product that you want. All that you need to do is to sit behind your computer and type the product that you want. You will be directed to that site after which you will get your products. In fact, when buying online, you just sit in your house and get your product delivered to your doorstep.

Wide variety

Under no circumstances that you will order a product online and be told that whatever you need is not available. This is because online stores have a wide range of products. If you think that you want a product that you are not likely to find in a physical store, then the best thing to do is to try it out online.

Fewer traps

When it comes to buying online, the chances of you buy a counterfeit product minimal. This is because the online stores will always want to ensure that they have a good image. They, therefore, work to ensure that whatever they sell to the consumer is of the right quality.


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Benefits of hiring a carpet cleaning company

It might not be easy getting the best carpet cleaning company in your area. But once you get it, you will enjoy the best services when it comes to cleaning your carpet. People who have used the services of a carpet cleaning company can attest to the fact that they do a better service compared to doing it by yourself. Some people prefer hiring a random person to clean their carpets; all this will change once you get to test the services offered by a carpet cleaning company.

Advantages of using a carpet cleaning company

Best cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning companies use modern technology and art to clean your carpets. They stand out in using the best cleaning techniques. They use carpet cleaning tools, steam cleaners and specialized solutions in their cleaning. Different soap solutions to remove different stains are available as well. Tough oil, chemical and grease stains will be wiped out. What else could you be looking for?


You are assured of high-quality services since the companies hire trained personnel. Be assured to get the best and quality services in the market because work will be done by highly trained personnel with expertise and experience in carpet cleaning. Cleaning companies work under industrial standards hence you are assured of quality work.

Short dry time

Cleaning companies use modern cleaning and drying methods. Turbo dryers speed up the drying process by about half the normal way. You will get back your carpet within the shortest period. Getting the carpet dry after cleaning it yourself is among the challenges many people suffer. You will be all sorted by using a cleaning company.

Affordable rates

Considering many factors, carpet cleaning companies offer their services at reasonable fees. You will not spend much if you do it yourself but from experience, it is a real hustle. You will still have those stubborn stains, and your carpet will take days to dry. Doing the math, it will be better to pay the cleaning company and get your carpet sparkling clean, smelling good and in the shortest time possible. I am sure you will consider using a carpet cleaning company after reading the article above. It is good to maintain a relationship with the company so that you use them next time you will need your carpet cleaned. Clean your carpet often to avoid allergens, bad smell, and accumulation of stains.

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Qui suis-je ?

Diplômé de la licence MIW du pôle universitaire de Gap, je suis développeur, formateur et responsable de projets au sein d’une agence de communication lyonnaise. En charge du développement des sites Internet sous WordPress, je veille au bon déroulement de tous les autres projets Web de l’Agence.

Je suis également co-auteur du livre “Savoir tout faire pour le web : PHP/MySQL”, auteur du “Mémento WordPress” et je partage ma passion pour WordPress à travers mon blog GeekPress.

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The basics of hearing protection for gun lovers Close to 10 percent

Close to 10 percent of the population has hearing loss problems that affect their understanding of normal speech. The main cause of this condition is people exposed to high noise. It so happens that shooting firearms remains a highly popular activity capable of subjecting its participants to intense noise levels that result in permanent hear loss. This remains the case until proper precautions are effectively employed.

So just how loud is a gunshot sound?

The sound emitted from a firearm depends on the type of gun and your proximity to it during impact. The ammunition used also does contribute. If we are to gauge the report from rifles the sound would depend on the frequency, duration, and intensity. The metric used when measuring sound is decibels and its increase is expressed in logarithmic scales. The soft sound this barely audible is represented by zero db. To gauge how loud a sound can be we make some comparisons. For instance, normal conversations are around 60 db. Jet engine noise is at 140 db. The blasting noise emitted from a rocket blasting on its launching pad is at 180 db. Taking this perspective and gauge meter into the scale, when a gun goes off, around 140 dB or more strikes your eardrums. It might seem impractical how a gunshot sound can be equally compared to that from a jet engine. However, we should not confuse sound duration with intensity. The gunshot sound lasts for a split-second. With that being said it is imperative that gun enthusiast has the best ear protection for shooting when gun sporting.


 What intensity of sound can the ear withstand?

The human ear is made of organic tissue which has its limits. The eardrum cannot withstand exposure to high sound for a long time frame. For instance, eight continuous hours of sound above 85 dB results into permanent hear loss. Any spike above 130 dB and the effects are permanent. This means every shot fired can potentially damage your ears when t is fired within close range. Here are some important points to remember.

The tissues within the human body that respond to duress in a similar manner. Additionally, permanent damage to the ear goes unrecognized due to their cumulative mature. The human body has a wide variety of systems with specialized tissues that perform different tasks. For instance, muscle tissue strengthens after undergoing strain. The first attempt made at rock climbing, ballroom dancing or surfing you will experience a lot of strain as your muscles get sore and tired fast. Eventually, after continuous practice, you will be able to do those activities much more comfortably as the muscles adapt and strengthen.


The ear

Specialized nervous tissue functions – including that of hearing – do not respond to abuse by adaptation or rebuilding their defenses. Instead, their functionality is affected for the rest of an individual’s life. This is why most professional boxers who were amazing during their career prime are left suffering from brain damage towards the end of their careers. At this point, they are forced to toughen their muscles to Olympic competition levels. Unfortunately, the brain slamming into the back of their skull with every blow brings about irreparable harm. Similarly, the ear does not toughen when exposed to excessive noise. Thus, it is important to protect your ears from too much noise around.

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