Things to know before buying a teddy bear dog

teddy bear dogs

The teddy bear dog is one of the most adopted dogs in the world. I the recent past the teddy bear dog breed has become popular with the internet users, and its demand has gone up! Most individuals get the dog without knowing about it and knowing if it is adaptable to their living conditions or not. The teddy bear puppy breeds are some of the most popular dog breeds. Below are some of the factors to consider before adopting the dog:


size of the dog

The name of the breed is quite misleading as the teddy bear dog is not as big that one can cuddle with. Rather the dog is small with the size ranging between eight to thirteen inches. Notably, despite their size, they are still cuddly and gentle, and one can quickly befriend them. They are also light in weight, and they weigh between eleven and twenty-one pound. Their small size makes them very attractive and adorable.


These breed of dogs need a lot of attention and love. They are dependent on the owner for their happiness. They like to cuddle most of the time. They also like a lot of attention that is they prefer all the attention to be on them. They usually get depressed if the attention is not on them. Unlike other dog breeds thy need a lot of love and attention.

They don’t play favorites

Cats have favorites. The teddy bear dog in retrospect does not need to have a preference they love anyone regardless of whether they are the original owners. This breed of dog loves overly and equally. The dog doesn’t discriminate on the owners. This dog treats visitor and family alike, which is exciting and fun to watch.


The teddy bear dogs love toys and like to play with them! Naturally, they prefer toys that are easy to chew. When the dogs are still very young, they tend to chew everything that they find along the way. To avoid destroying your furniture, you can always buy them soft toys and rubber bone. The toy should also be small enough to fit in their mouth to allow them to chew the whole day. This will prevent the dog from boredom and from damaging other items in the home. The best companions for these breed of dogs chew toys.



Despite their size, teddy bear dogs are very energetic. They are energetic as a big size dog. They, therefore, love to play and exercise. The play time and exercise is highly encouraged as this will ensure that they deplete their energy. The exercise and play time assists in managing the dog’s behavior and making the dog happy all through.

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