Hot tub buying guide

Having a hot tub at home is a luxury that most people desire. It gives you and your family or friends a place to unwind after having a long and stressful day. Hot tubs can be a bit expensive, which means that most people cannot afford to buy them regularly. You should thus ensure that you choose one that will satisfy your needs for a long time to avoid having to buy another one soon. There are many options available in the market for you to choose. Below are a few considerations to make, which will help you make the right choice.

Factors to consider when buying a hot tub



Permanent and portable are the two main types of hot tubs available. You need to decide which type you wish to have before you go shopping. The permanent ones are built into the ground where cement or any other suitable material is used. They are sunk to the ground, much just as an in-ground swimming pool is constructed. The portable hot tubs are single units that are placed on the ground and can be moved from one place to another. The most popular portable ones are the inflatable hot tubs. They are light in weight when all the water is drained, which makes them easy to move from place to place. When buying the inflatable hot tubs, go for one with high quality to ensure that it will serve you for a long time, such as this intex hot tub.


Hot tubs are made in sizes meant for a particular number of people. You should consider the number of people who may use the tub at the same time and buy one with the appropriate capacity. If you have a family of four, for example, you should consider buying a hot tub with the capacity of four people. This will make it possible for your entire family to enjoy the tub at the same time. If you have a specific location where you intend to place the tub, you should ensure that the one you buy will fit in that location.


The jets in a hot tub usually have a massaging effect. The more jets in the hot tub, the more the massaging power you will enjoy. You should thus opt for a hot tub which has many jets if you wish to enjoy the massage effect as you relax. Check the location of the jets as well and ensure the water pressure will get to the right muscle areas.