An insurance claim is when a party asks the insurance company to compensate them for damages suffered after an accident or when you ask the insurance to cover for you after you have caused damages. Considering the amount you pay the insurance company monthly or annually, it makes sense that you need to claim for compensation in the event the risk you had insured occurs. Some people, however, think that filing a claim will be tedious and more strenuous than the accident itself. You need to understand a few tips on how to file a claim for it to be easy. Here is a simple guideline of what should be done.

Guide to an insurance claim

On the scene of accident

  • The right start helps you speed up the compensation claim. You need to collect important information on the accident scene. Below are some of the details to collect.
  • Personal data- try to get personal details about everyone in the crime scene. That includes the bystanders, passengers, and drivers. Their names, email addresses and phone number details will greatly help. If you have enough time and not severely injured, try asking them what they witnessed. Pass all that information to your insurance company representative and remember to keep a copy for yourself.
  • Pictures- A lot of pictures of the crime scene are needed. It will be great if you take pictures before the vehicles are removed. Pictures of your damaged car and the other person’s car will help.
  • Law enforcement- it is always advised to call the police all the time after an accident. At times they won’t respond, but at least you should try. On arrival note down the officer’s names. The police will gather their information and will advise you on how to get a copy of their report.

Contact your insurance company immediately

There is a phrase that goes like, “most crimes are solved within 24 hours after the accident” it is so because the crime scene is still intact and occurrences are still fresh in the minds of the involved parties. We are talking about accidents in our article, but the crime principle still applies.

Be cooperative and prompt

Good communication between you and the insurance company is important. Give them any detail they want from you. Your accident is not new to them, but yours is unique. If you get a message from them asking you to call them back, do so in the shortest time possible.


It’s a simple and kinder obvious rule, but not all people follow it. As human, we always want to avoid pain, admitting that you are on the wrong becomes an issue. Be true, do not try to get out of it by lying.