Cordless drills – buying guide


The cordless drill is a power tool that is a favorite and a necessity in many tool boxes. This product is used to drive screws at great speeds to secure timber joints firmly and fasten structure on surfaces. It can be used to make a variety of projects in the home, whether it is making furniture, remodeling the backyard deck, installing fixtures, any project that requires screwing will need a cordless drill. It is considered portable and easy to use for it is not attached to a cord. If one is planning to buy the product below is a guide.

Cordless drills

The power

One needs to consider the power they will need to work. The power of the cordless drill is measured in dndjkdkjddkjdskjbattery voltage. A high voltage means that the torque or the spinning strength is more. The higher the voltage, the better the drill is able to overcome resistance and drive screws, which makes it easier to work with. The battery voltage will range between 6V to 18V it all depends on what one is looking for.

Weight of the drill

The weight of the power drill is an important factor for one to consider, for it will affect how one will work and handle the drill. To note the weight of the drill will go hand in hand and in parallel with the voltage power. That is the more the voltage, the heavy the cordless drill will be. One needs to know the nature of work they intend to engage in to buy the tool that will have the equivalent weight and power that is needed.

Type of handle

The handle is another aspect that one needs to consider. The cordless drills that are in the market will either have two types of handle. This is either a T-handle or a pistol handle grip. The pistol grip is the most popular handle that is available on cordless drills, this is because one is able to use more force as they drill or screw and build structures. The T-handle is a new addition to the markets and prevents slippage of the hand and a better grip.

Speed of the drill

dfkjdkjsklsklsskksA cordless drill will either have a single speed or a two fixed speed. This can either be 300rpm and 800rpm. The speed will be used to do different jobs. High speed will be used to drill holes while low speed will be used to drive screws.

Finally, consider the battery of the cordless drill. Look for a drill that has a battery that will run longer. Purchase a set of two batteries which can be used as a replacement as one works.

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